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So yea. My day in a nutshell.

today there were LOTS of people to fight with. Boxers, kick boxers, karate, MMA practitioners . It was pretty fucking cool. So I sparred with tradtional karate style, meaning punches, kicks, and open handed technique. then strict boxing. Then kick boxing.

It feels so strange to go back to strict boxing. Because the rhythm, the way you fight,t he way you move is much different from karate/any open handed fighting. My partner bullet was working on his strict boxing as well. Its very very new for him. So he’s learning with me.

Not pictured is me sparing with a girl who has been doing boxing for 5+ years, and a dude has been doing MMA for a few years.

But I’m getting my groove back. Getting quick footwork back down, get head movement back(karate has barely any head movement really) and most importantly getting them jabs and crosses crisp.

Every friday is gonna be like this. While wednesdays I do traditional karate practice with my sensei. Other days I’m working out and doing tech training on my own.


Ok, is one of these guys really small or is the other really huge? 

I’m 6’2 250, and he is 5’4 120. So both. I’m above average size, and he is below.

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when rappers say fuck broke niggas that’s broke nigga shaming and me and my fellow brokeys are very offended

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Life update from Prague before our night train to Budapest! Over two weeks in and I never want to return home.

Prague is beautiful! A quick summary of just a snippet of our time here, via photos:
1. The castle, which is splendid both in the day and at night
2. The girls and I on a pub crawl- we said goodbye to them yesterday after travelling with them from Amsterdam - Berlin - Krakow - Prague. It’s amazing how you can meet strangers while travelling and click so well.
3. A dance floor in a five story club
4. Dommy and I by the river
5. Us drinking ‘holy’ beer made by monks at the top of a huge ass hill
6. The Hound busking????
7. A beautiful piece of graffiti we saw. Rip to such a beautiful soul

Travelling is suiting my soul so well. I’m loving being independent and on my own (with Dom), discovering new places and people.

As I’ve hinted at earlier, I’m really struggling with my body image at the moment- but I’m not acting on it woo! I’m the biggest I’ve been possibly ever and I’m struggling with that really badly. But tomorrow I’m going to wear my bikini because fuck letting this rule me and ruining my travels!

Addiction is an effect on human unhappiness and human suffering. When people are distressed they want to soothe their distress, when people are in pain they want to soothe their pain. So the real question is not why the addiction, but why the pain?

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